3 Things to Watch When FormFactor Inc. Reports

[at Motley Fool] – From management’s outlook to its share buyback activity, here are the three areas investors should pay attention to.

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Infosys grand slam: Partnering ATP to redefine data consumption

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Micron Technology Rising: Wells, Cowen Like Supply-Side Outlook

[at Barrons.com] – Shares of Micron Technology (MU) today rose 33 cents, or 3.4%, to close at $10.02, after the company today held its annual analyst day event, during which it talked about the outlook for things such as “3-D NAND” memory chips, the company’s financial performance, and introduced some new product. The company offered a bunch of industry forecasts, such as as smartphone and PC and “connected auto” use of memory chips, from this year though 2016. More on the financials and strategy are available in a deck of slides posted on Micron’s Web site.

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Intel Corp.’s Future Server Processors to Have Integrated Memory

[at Motley Fool] – Chipzilla is working to bring these two critical computing elements closer together for performance and profit.

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